Your purchasing moment for transport- and logistics services

Transport & Logistics is a biennial trade show that grows each edition. As a visitor you will find complete solutions for your challenges in transport & logistics thanks to the diversity in exhibitors. Next to 150 exhibitors provinding their solutions, you are welcomed with 35 top seminar sessions, interactive workshops, a starters pavilion and the fully arranged Transport & Logistics Night Event with loads of networking opportunities. Transport & Logistics has become a vast agenda item for each logistics professional.  Transport & Logistics is the place where the market comes together and therefore the most optimal platform to contact new and known business relations. 

Reasons to visit Transport & Logistics :


Finding a partner that can help you optimise your logistics operation


Networking with business relations


Discovering novelties/ acquiring knowledge

During your visit on one of the two efficiënt days at Transport & Logistics you will gain a complete update of the possibilities available in the logistics market. Furthermore, you will receive answers to the questions that keep you awake at night.

Visitor experiences

Exhibitor experiences

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