"Start-up entrepreneurs in the spotlight"

Offering innovative solutions in the logistic sector is a main objective of our mission in order to offer visitors of Transport & Logistics a ‘visit the future’ event experience. In addition to stimulating existing companies to be innovative in their participation, we also put new entrepreneurs in the spotlight on Transport & Logistics through the Starter Pavilion.

Who is suitable?

The Starter Pavilion is suitable for companies that have been active in the logistics sector for less than 3 years, and aim to bring their innovative product or service to the attention of the logistics sector. The Starter Pavilion provides them the opportunity to participate in a prominent place on the exhibition floor. Participation in the Starter Pavilion is possible once.

What is included?

Transport & Logistics unburdens! We provide a professional look and optimal promotion material, and that at a low price.

Stand 6m² (3x2 meter)

The choice out of a low or high table

Modular stand construction 2,5 meters high

The use of WIFI (not suitable for live-streaming)

Nameplate with name and stand number

Parking ticket


Participation in all network meetings, seminars and the Transport & Logistics Night Event

2 lightning spots

Free coffee during the trade show

1 KW electricity connection (220V)

Marketing package: EasyGo Leads

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