Who visits Transport & Logistics?

For years now, Transport & Logistics attracts shippers and storing parties to the trade show as visitors.

Shippers visit the trade show with 3 objectives:

  1. Finding a partner who can optimalize their logistics
  2. Networking with known business relations
  3. Discovering innovations and gaining knowledge

Are you a suitable partner within these objectives? Take part in Transport & Logistics!

Job function visitors

The most common job function of visitors of Transport & Logistics are:

General manager/Owner
Production manager
Import and export manager
Logistics manager
Supply chain manager
Warehouse manager
Inventory manager
IT manager
Logistics employee
Transport manager

0 %
has decision making authority

84% of visitors have decision making authority at management level allowing you to get in touch directly with the right person.

Who visits Transport & Logistics?

Visitors are active in the following sectors

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