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EasyGo is part of the standard offer at Transport & Logistics. This marketing package contains of a wide range of marketing tools, based on the latest developments in digital marketing technology. This enables you, as exhibitor, to increase your visibility in prior to, during and after Transport & Logistics and to collect and follow up your leads.

EasyGo marketing packages

EasyGo for exhibitors

Prior to Transport & Logistics

You complete your online profile with your company and product information in My Easyfairs

During Transport & Logistics

You are in control of the information that will be shared and updated

After Transport & Logistics

The information on your online profile will be shared at the end of the exhibition with visitors who have scanned your badge reader

EasyGo for visitors


The visitor has the possibility to read all your information mentioned on your online profile


Visitors can collect information by simply touching the reader(s) placed on stands with their smart badge.


After the visit the visitor receives all information from the scanned stands directly in the mailbox.

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